Philosophy Whether you are looking to lose weight, change body composition or just switch up current exercise routines 
there are great workouts out there for you.
My goal is to encourage women to aim for strength gains, reduce body fat %'s and improve cardiovascular health. 

Just a few minutes a day?  Try interval training! 
Experiencing metabolic disorder? Let's add some muscle! 
Stalling in your fitness goals? Learn tools to progress!

I believe in continually changing up your routines and making exercise interesting and fun!  Your commitment will be affected
by your enjoyment, so my goal will be to find something that gives you joy and makes fitness an integral part of your lifestyle.
Nutrition.  A change in body makeup often will require food adjustments.  I am not a dietician or a nutritionist but I can provide pointers to help empower you to add positive nutrition to your fitness goals.  This will be key to your success!